1. Spring on the Copse April 2017




Spring eventually arrived on the Copse after some very wet and muddy weather. I uploaded the above video slideshow, created on Photoshop, onto my Facebook feed – images taken with my Canon DSLR with ambient sound (from my iPhone) added.

Feedback was that the images needed to stay on the screen a little longer, so I extended the timing and, as I wasn’t sure about the black background, changed it to a white one which I think worked better.


Feedback on that related to the slightly different sizes of the images, so I re-worked those to produce Version 3


Towards the end of the month I created another one purely with my iPhone and recording the sounds I heard at the time which I processed in iMovie.



It was quite an eerie feeling, hearing the music.

There doesn’t seem to be much difference in quality between Phosohop and iMovie processing so far but I have now downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro so will be experimenting with that at some point.  I’ve been uploading processed videos to both YouTube and Vimeo and have decided that Vimeo has better quality.







  1. I really like your videos, Catherine. I agree that the white background gives a better, cleaner finish. I also agree about the eerie quality given to the video by the singing – it makes me want to get in to the video to look for the singer. I will have to try Vimeo to check out the finish on my efforts. Watch out Spielberg!


    1. Thanks Anna. I’ll continue to experiment with the backgrounds for the video slideshows. Interesting that I hadn’t taken note to begin with of the slightly different sizes of the images that resulted from slight cropping.
      The singing haunted me because I couldn’t tell it if was live or recorded and the disjunction of scene and view also seemed to add another dimension. I keep thinking I have to state that that sound really was there at the time and then ask myself why that makes such a difference – because it certainly does to me?


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