Final submission: Assignment 2

Final Submission : Assessment July 2018
Digital Image and Culture – Level 2

 Assignment 2 : The Archive

 All the work for this Assignment can be found here

The assignment itself is here

and this contains a PDF of the original book I created, plus a link to it on the Blurb site.

Review and selection for Assessment Submission

My tutor suggested in feedback that I look at Ken. To Be Destroyed (2016) the work of Sara Davidmann which I did – buying her book and visiting her Exhibition (see here

Additionally, my tutor commented that I had a tendency to make juxtapositions and montages a little too complex so I took Davidmann’s work and my tutor’s comments into account in reviewing the book I produced. I also sought feedback from members of OCA Thames Valley Group and fellow students I communicate with through informal meetings, hangouts and emails.


I slightly simplified two of the composites








It occurred to me that some viewers might question the inclusion of those composites plus the one of my parents wedding.  I wanted to give some kind of flavour to what was happening at the time – war-time restrictions and the call for National Service hanging over young men, yet fashion still being important and everyday life carrying on as best it could.  I could have written about this but wanted to keep to a visual narrative.

I also removed the two composites from the Milly Molly Mandy books



These books were my favourites when I was small and when I looked at them again I had a sense that it was these stories that lead me to asking my mother why I didn’t get letters from my father as she did. Maybe not – but it’s a nice thought.  Still, these composites don’t quite fit with the rest and I felt some concern about copyright issues so I decided it was best to remove them.

I then re-sequenced the photographs, after adding some more material – a photograph of me with my father on a leave visit, an extract from a letter written when he returned to Egypt and a final page extract where he writes of coming home.  I also took the opportunity to reduce some of the images which seemed over-large and shorten some of the letter extracts. See below

A PDF of the new book is here V3.LettersHome

Alternatively, below is a link to it in the Blurb website

Final Submission

I am therefore submitting:-



  • Tutor Report Form
  • Two A4 prints showing four page-layouts for the original book



  • Seven A4 prints of the final composites created for book pages 
  • Supplementary Material – amended printed Blurb book created following feedback from tutor and fellow students and further review. This is to provide a material/tactile sense of the book and also how the layout works in practice.









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