Final Submission: Assignment 5

Final Submission:  Assessment July 2018
Digital Image and Culture – Level 2

Assignment 5 – Digital Identities 2
Living as an Avatar in Second Life

All the work for this Assignment can be found here

The specific Assignment blog post is here

I would also like to draw attention to the separate blog, Journey into Second Life  here https://kitdumont.wordpress.comwhich was created in the guise of my Second Life Avatar, Kit Dumont.

During our pre-assessment tutorial (here  my tutor suggested including prints of snapshots/video screenshots from my Second Life Explorations in final submission.    However, during our discussion I made the comment that, really, exploring the virtual world was similar to visiting another country for me. I usually read about it beforehand to get an idea of what it’s like; orientate myself on arrival by exploring the landscape and observing how people live; look for similarities and differences, and also send postcards to friends and family. Thinking about this afterwards, I initially thought that the snapshots would lend themselves well to a comic book layout.  On reflection though, this didn’t seem feasible given that I have no experience of creating such layouts and there wasn’t sufficient time available to learn!

Instead, thinking back to postcards, I had the idea of creating printed versions to fit with the travel theme, and then adding messages. I am interested in Mail Art, having previously participated in an OCA collaborative project  which ran over three years and resulted in a handmade book. Each participant contributed one picture (6×4) with a note, which was added to create a concertina book that grew with its additions and travelled around the world.  I also thought back to the PostSecret ongoing Project https://postsecret.comwhich I follow on Instagram  and OCA BA/MA Graduate Tanya Ahmed’s Project Postcards of Reading

I posted my first experiment, using a handwritten message, on the OCA Thames Valley Group Facebook page and asked for feedback.  Feedback was very positive and there ensued a discussion as to how large the postcards should be, whether the messages should be printed or handwritten and who would be the ‘recipients’ of the messages.  With all the advice in mind I decided to have the postcards professionally printed by Moo at a 7×5 size and then select a number of them to add handwritten messages and submit for Assessment.  The Moo price allows for 25 postcards (see contact sheets below)


and from these I chose fourteen for submission. The handwritten messages are to OCA Assessment Team, Members of OCA Thames Valley Group, myself at different ages and my father. Moo also offer small sticky printed labels and so I utilised a selection of those to serve as ‘stamps’.

My Assessment submission will, therefore, comprise:-



  • Printed Tutor Report Form
  • Printed Initial Planning Mind Map


  • Three printed contact sheets of all Second Life snapshots up to 22ndMay 2018, which include images on my separate Journey into Second Life blog
  • Fourteen printed postcards, images selected from all Second Life snapshots and video grabs as on the contact sheets provided. The fourteen postcards have been professionally printed and then handwritten with specific messages.


The specific Assignment 5 initial submission incorporates two further videos – one of which was also uploaded to the separate blog and the other created in response to my tutor’s suggestion that a create a video with voiceover.





  1. I think the postcard idea is fantastic, especially as it fits in with the travel/holiday connection.
    I’m in love with the fairy/fantasy postcard. I loved it when I first set eyes on it a couple of weeks back.

    You flying is another favourite, and the London bus.
    I look forward to your results Catherine. Best wishes.


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