Final Submission for Assignment 1: Combined Image

Final Submission : Assessment July 2018
Digital Image and Culture – Level 2

Assignment 1 : Combined Image


All the work towards this Assignment can be found here

The specific original Assignment submission is here


I originally shortlisted 18 from:

42 digital photographs taken in the poppy field
9 analogue photographs from a Mamiya MF camera
An iPad drawing
2 of the Mamiya prints layered with two of the negatives which had been photographed on a lightbox, then enlarged and composited onto the image they related to
12 photographs layered with poppies, buttercups and daisies from the field and then re-photographed
46 photographs – prints and drawing on iPad returned to the field and re-photographed amongst the poppies, plus one of my hand holding a print against the scene it depicted
A photoshop collage 

Six were then chosen to present to my tutor for the Assignment

In feedback, my tutor had referred to one composite created with a photograph of my great-uncle who died in WWI, with a suggestion to work further on this and experiment ‘perhaps using many flowers to almost obliterate the image/meaning.’ However, I did not feel comfortable in manipulating that particular photograph in such a way even by using copies etc. This might well seem over-sensitive to a detached viewer but it just didn’t seem right to me.  The idea itself appealed to me though and I experimented with the technique later (Assignment 2).

Review and selection for Assessment Submission

Having examined prints of my original six I decided that the background was too blurred because I had focussed on my hand holding the print.


I therefore created a new digital composite instead

and added another from my shortlist because this seemed more representative of the project.

Below is a contact sheet of the 7 prints I will be submitting for Assessment.


The following printed material is included in my Assessment Portfolio Box


  • Tutor Report Form
  • Two A4 contact sheets – shortlist for original Assignment submission
  • A4 contact sheet of the original six images selected



  • Seven A4 prints of my Final Submission



I enjoyed working on this Assignment which enabled me to carry my interest in landscape and embodied practice forward into this Module.  I actually continued to work with the poppy images with personal projects such as videos and cyanotypes  here  and some of the work is in my Paper Log. Sadly, the poppy field was destroyed last year – mown over, fenced with barbed wire and awaiting planning approval for a new housing development – although the odd poppy did wave its petals.  It’s quite likely I’ll return there during my next Module, Landscape. Maybe to leave a memento print on the barbed wire.








    1. I know I was upset to find this and happened especially as there is still no decision on the planning application. I don’t understand why they didn’t just leave the field as it was so that walkers could enjoy the display in the meantime.

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