Assessment Feedback

I received Assessment results on 31stJuly, so I think that now is the time to reflect on the feedback comments.  The grade (67%) was around what I had expected, given the health problems I had experienced during the module and which affected my enthusiasm motivation and energy.  The wording on the criteria sections mirrors that contained on the blue sheet “Assessment criteria for HE5 Visual Arts at OCA” under 2.1. but below are the Overall Comments and Feed Forward:-

A thorough and sensitive reflection on your own progress through this module sums up the work you have done. The work for assignment 4 and 5 have developed strongly into a really interesting and personal piece of playful and pertinent work. This is appropriately backed up with a clear understanding of theoretical context. The videos and postcards provide an appropriate consideration of material presentation.

This is good work from which to consider ways of building and strengthening your own personal voice and practice.

However, I was concerned that the separate blog I had created for my explorations of Second Life had not been accessed at all during the Assessment period, particularly as there was some material there which did not appear elsewhere and also constituted a different form of presentation and articulation of my response to the Project. After giving some thought to this I contacted OCA outlining my concern, noting the places in my Assessment submission where the URL for the separate blog was clearly signposted, and querying whether I had grounds to appeal against the outcome under Document B (Academic Regulatory Framework) Section 3.6 which relates to administrative error.

OCA responded very quickly and, in brief, my separate blog had now been reviewed against my main blog. The view was that it confirmed the marks received but would not materially add anything not already present in the main blog and physical submission. As there is clear reference in the feed-forward section on the results letter to the work submitted for Assignment 4 and 5, then there is no procedural irregularity in the marks or the process and therefore no grounds to Appeal against the Outcome.

That’s fair enough, but I am going to be very careful in future in terms of anything additional I create, submit for Assessment as there doesn’t seem much point in overloading myself with extra tasks to no good purpose. Tutor feedback will obviously be crucial in this respect.

On with Landscape now and my link for this is





  1. Well done Catherine & an excellent mark.
    I agree with your reflection re the time & effort spent keeping an extra blog and overloading yourself too much is something to really consider when the assessment time to review individual submissions is limited. It’s one of the reasons I won’t do a separate blog to my main one again myself. On our google hangout yesterday the assessment process was discussed & the main consensus was to use the blog as a useful resource for yourself.
    Best wishes Judy.


  2. Well done Catherine ..this is an excellent mark! I do understand though your concerns re your second blog not being accessed and I think you were wise to raise this.. It does make me feel that the assessment process can be rather a hit or miss affair which makes the whole effort of trying to second guess what assessors will respond to when we prepare our work for assessment quite stressful.


    1. In some respects I did self-assess correctly Sue because the grade was around what I’d estimated. It’s a good job that for assessment submission I created the postcards and their package almost at the last minute (without discussing with my tutor) given that my separate blog wasn’t accessed at all.
      In my exchanges with OCA I did give some additional feedback on my observation of the assessment process, based on my previous experience of being a mentor and assessor on post-graduate qualifications. A different discipline, social work rather than art, but the same principles apply assessing against criteria and providing constructive advice and feedback.


  3. Hi Catherine, very well done and a very good mark. Even though you may not have been well its a great mark to go forward into Landscape with. I really enjoyed your work on the course and I agree with the another comments that it isn’t always easy to second guess what may attract extra marks. I’ve always admired your innate curiosity that you always bring to your work and I am sure this will always help guide you to what is best for you to research and develop. Well done again and much deserved.


  4. HI Teresa and thanks. I really am going to have to think hard about how I approach my new Module and find fresh interest, given that even with DiAC I kept returning to landscape. I certainly feel as if I’ve run out of local spaces to investigate!


  5. Congrats on your result Catherine, although I do feel your pain regarding the fact that parts of your submission were not accessed. I accept that time is limited during assessment, and that the marks do not count, but it leaves you feeling deflated. I know how angry I was when I conducted the audit trail on my last assessment, and saw how little of the blog was accessed during assessment. Even though, I had already decided to withdraw from my studies prior to receiving my result, that audit trail made me feel that my decision was vindicated. My suggestion is that all OCA students should make their blogs private during the time of assessment, so that they can accurately measure how much of their blog was indeed accessed. Good luck for landscape through! Hammer through it and get to level three where I think they make more accurate and reliable assessments.


    1. Hello Vicki, nice to hear from you and thanks. I hadn’t publicised my separate blog so it was easy for me to check but it’s certainly a good suggestion to make blogs private for assessment. Of course, though, that means trusting that passwords will be used as necessary to access material.
      Thanks for the good wishes for Landscape. I’m taking everything step by step at the moment.
      Hope you’re okay – miss you.


  6. hi Catherine… i read this a while ago and only now get back to it… this is the first time i submitted with a online blog rather than a merely physical submission… it is quite clear that the blog structure is clunky and doesn’t work well to maintain that dual purpose of a. blog as resource for yourself; b. assessment vehicle— it has come up with my current tutor who was worried he would overlook some of my work… we discussed this before and will surely again, i think there is little point to do something merely for assessment/grades but it has to work for me… in my current blog i did virtually no signposting other than a category structure for assessors and felt the blog was clunky; but they didn’t think so… i think the g drive content form was useful to signpost and took it that they would work off that… it is good how they responded and reviewed it. realistically, at such a high grade, the additional piece of documentation would need to be marked incredibly high even to shift the grade another point, let alone mark… so yes: watch carefully and do the work for yourself (and it will pass with a good grade even if some circumstances are difficult)… it has been a joy to do the module with you and i look forward to see what you and i will be doing next


    1. Hi Gesa – yes I was pleased at the fast response. Given my own self-assessment it really was more of a case of making a point (with a hint of a ‘just in case’).
      Has been good connecting with you as well and I hope that continues, albeit along separate paths.

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