1. Proposal

Proposal for Assignment 2

In May last year I was told that I had a cataract in my left eye that needed to be dealt with. It was several months before I actually had the procedure done during which time I slowly lost confidence and felt mildly depressed. Walking was more difficult as my eyes weren’t really co-ordinating with each other and oddly enough I also found it difficult to focus in a psychological sense. I persevered in reading and gathering ideas for the Assignment but progress was slow. My tutor was very supportive in encouraging me to take my time and go at my own pace though. In November I sent her my ideas for the Assignment together with a proposal:-




My tutor gave positive feedback, commenting how the linked images seemed to be about the space of the desert meeting the spaces of Derbyshire, my use of the iconography of water to link disparate images and the use of different technology to express different eras (although keeping juxtapositions simple – an aspect I had commented on).

The cataract procedure was completed during December and during the last few weeks my confidence and focus have returned – thank goodness! I thought it was important that I completed the reading and Exercise 2.3 first  because they were so obviously linked with the brief of the Assignment and the Exercise itself gave me the opportunity to practise ideas. I still have some more reading to summarise for a blog post but I’m ‘ready to go’ on putting images together in a photo book form.