1. Initial Plan 26th October 2017

Assignment 4: Initial Planning on 26th October 2017


Assignment 4 : Digital Identities 1

 Brief – Develop a project around the theme of identity within the current digital climate.  This could be an autobiographical exploration examining how you relate to digital culture, or it could be a more critical examination of an aspect of digital culture.

Initial planning

Most of my Skype tutor feedback session on Assignment 3 had been spent discussing preparation for Assignment 4. Below is an extract from my own notes which also comprised the bulk of the written feedback report.

…… although I had experimented further with layering past and present images, I had probably moved on from exploring my father’s letters any further. I realised a while ago that I’d hardly been doing any new photography and that I was missing landscape and Wendy encouraged me to explore this.

  • What is ‘landscape’?
  • How do I experience, negotiate with and relate to it?
  • Are we losing landscape’s language/words in this digital world?
  • Are we losing our connection with the natural world now that we spend more time indoors, on the computer, watching TV?
  • What do I want to say about it with this piece of work?

I mentioned that I had been thinking of miniature landscapes such as Bonsai trees and had also been having a look at the ‘Second Life’ website which I find fascinating but am afraid I might get too obsessed with it. Wendy emphasised that Assignment 4 is intended to be more of a work in progress.  It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ and I should try to do it quickly. We agreed:-

  • I will brainstorm some ideas and create a mind map to send to Wendy.
  • I will spend half a day a week on photographing the Bonsai trees – set up a background and lights for them; see what happens.
  • Explore the landscapes in ‘Second Life’, as if I am taking a walk, and create a visual diary by experimenting with screen grab sketches and some form of narration

Some practitioners to research to begin with:-

John Gerrard and his CGI work using politicised filters: http://www.johngerrard.net
Alan Warburton: http://alanwarburton.co.uk/goodbye-uncanny-valley/
Carroll/Fletcher Gallery and artists represented there: http://www.carrollfletcher.com
Theories of Jean Baudrillard: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/baudrillard/

Dystopian Landscapes – e.g. ‘Blade Runner’, ‘Avatar’, ‘Mad Max’ films
Idealised Landscapes –  ‘Avatar’.

 I emailed my initial plan as a mind-map, together with an initial screen grab taken in “Second Life”

Assignment 4 Initial ideas

First shot from Second Life

and this was approved with the comment “Remember Catherine, to be as playful as you can be at this stage.  Don’t over analyse(your research is always extremely thorough. No need to worry there.) Rather use the next couple of assignments to have fun and experiment with different ideas.  There’s no reason why you can’t keep two smaller projects running in parallel. ”