1. Planning

Assignment 5: Planning

Assignment 5: Planning

Firstly a reminder about the brief for Assignment 4 as this links directly with Assignment 5:-

Develop a project around the theme of identity with the current digital climate. This could be an autobiographical exploration examining how you relate to digital culture, or it could be a more critical examination of an aspect of digital culture

  • You should develop your project over the course of Part Four. This is your chance to find and articulate your personal voice in relation to digital culture.

The brief for Assignment 5 is:-

  • Use your tutor’s feedback on Assignment Four to help you develop your digital identities project to the point of resolution.
  • The method of presentation that you choose for your project should be appropriate to, and complement, the work you make. Your work may suite a print-based submission, or it may be appropriate to present your work in a book, audio-visual form, web-based project or installation.


During the Course of Assignment 4 I explored two possibilities for Assignment 5 – Looking at the Art of Bonsai and also exploring the virtual World of Second Life. In her feedback for that Assignment my tutor wrote:-

You’ve also done lots of interesting research into Second Life and the motivations of those who visit this and similar sites. What I found most moving here was the ways in which you said that the behaviours you saw from yourself in Second Life was actually very similar to the behaviours you noted in the real world. I thought that this was very interesting and wondered if it might be interesting for you to condense this idea into a piece of writing – to make a script – possible in a diaristic voice -that you might read over your (lonely) travels around the various digital landscapes of Second Life? Again, lots of good research here that can be further developed as you move through your OCA studies beyond this course.

I had a suspicion that my tutor might focus in on my comments around these similarities and had already set up a separate WordPress blog site in readiness.   My tutor has also approved a  preparatory mind map – see below.

Initial thoughts on Ass 5

The new WordPress blog will include ‘snapshots’ and videos created whilst I am exploring the Second Life website. The new blog site is in progress and I intend to use its contents as a foundation for the composite video, with voiceover. I will also expand upon the work already created towards Assignment 4:-

Jean Baudrillard’s reference to ‘the Real’ has long perplexed me and so I also intend to re-read Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” (Translated by Benjamin Jowett, 1888) to gain more understanding of the roots of Baudrillard’s concept given that the Cave itself is an introduction to Plato’s more complex concepts on the notion of the Republic and the education and divisions to its Society.

I would also like to get some experience with Adobe software for 3D characters plus Premiere Pro Video creation which is more sophisticated than the Wondershare Filmora software I have been using. I’m writing this bearing in mind that I can continue working on Assignment 5 after tutor feedback and up to presentation for formal Assessment. This aim is included on my preparatory mind-map.