Assignment 6: Pre-Assessment Tutorial

Assignment 6: Pre-Assessment Tutorial

The purpose of this tutorial was to help me review my work and decide how I’m going to submit for assessment. To begin with I created a five-column table summarising the content of each part of the Module; the brief for each Assignment; content of my submissions; tutor feedback and further work suggested.  This was very helpful because it reminded me of everything covered (a most comprehensive review of the ways in which digital culture has impacted upon photography) and looking through the content of each of my assignments enabled me to see links between them.

I then created another table with four columns summarising the content of each of my assignments; tutor feedback; further work suggested and further work achieved/to be done. This table was then emailed to my tutor in advance of our audio-video discussion. Below are the bullet points I produced during our discussion which comprise the tutor report.

  • Introduction to work submitted: Produce a printed, summary cover sheet which introduces the Assessors to my portfolio of work  – Assignments/Tutor feedback/further work in response to feedback – with clear links to relevant blog posts, YouTube/Vimeo videos,  and/or printed work included within the portfolio box. Include a description of the ways in which each Assignment links with another and how I have developed my practice – making the journey clear.  Consider creating it as an illustrated document.
  • Online Learning Log:Ensure it is accessible and as visually engaging as possible. Check that all the links work.
  • All Assignments:Each to be in a separate folder/section of portfolio with a printed cover sheet summarizing work submitted, including any new work. Plus hard copy of Tutor feedback report. Any prints included should be clearly labelled.
  • Assignment 1: Include prints of work originally submitted in online learning log.
  • Assignment 2:Submit prints of each page in the online book produced in addition to a clear link to the PDF in the online learning log.
  • Assignment 3:Submit hard copy of essay.
  • Assignment 4:Include hard copy of mind map. My tutor thinks that it might be confusing to Assessors to submit the polaroid prints of the Bonsai trees from the alternative Project I explored. However, these can be included in my hard copy ‘sketchbook’ if this is submitted.
  • Assignment 5:Include prints of work submitted and screen grabs of videos. Consider edit of voiceover video – i.e. shorten ‘walking section and smooth out sound.  Ensure Assessors are clearly directed to the separate Travel diary/blog.

This was a really positive and helpful session and I do feel much clearer on the way towards formal assessment. The bullet point list looks very organised as well but, of course, I now have to do the work involved in it!