5. 19th November 2016

OCA Thames Valley Group Meeting : 19th November 2016

OCA Thames Valley Group Meeting : 19th November 2016

Brief notes:

This was a student only meeting with eight of us there so we had a full day with discussion and then presentation of work.

I was pleased to learn that we had been granted some finance from OCASA which would enable us to have four sessions with an attending tutor up to the end of July 2017.  We acknowledged that we needed to discuss the type of input we would like from the tutor but agreed this should be put on the agenda for the January 2017 meeting.

Teresa put forward her idea of  a group-based collaboration where those of us who wished to would  produce a distinct body of work, separate from our Coursework,  which could then be exhibited in some form or other. I like the idea of that very much and already have in mind a project that would be different from, yet link with, some of the work I’ve been doing on my current Module. All present agreed this was a good idea but, again, we’ll discuss further at the January 2017 meeting.

As ever student presentations were individual, creative and inspiring. What specifically came out of them me were:

  • How the photographer can subconsciously process an image in editing to reflect their own emotion around the image (Teresa’s work).
  • In terms of editing a photobook – with a two page spread one of the photographs takes precedence so pairings are important (put forward by Michael when discussing Miriam’s work)
  • Some wonderful hand-made books from Michael which again made me wish I gave myself time to learn and practise these.
  • Two examples of the way in which ideas/concepts were turned into sculptural art/installations in their different ways. Also reinforces the importances of carrying on doggedly with a project, trying different ways to express the idea. (Work of Michael and Vicki)

I showed some small prints of work so far on Assignment 2 of DiAC.  It was good to be able to spread them out physically, explaining/making links with how I see they might fit together as on this PDF


and then have feedback, which included:

  • Create more images layering past with present as in (1) – the difficulty here for me is that I can’t visit the Derbyshire locations again for quite some time.
  • Writing layered over images as in (5) works well
  • Show just one photograph on each page for the book
  • Reference given to the work of Angela Kelly Sundays at Sea (1999-2000) 

A satisfying day with lots to think about