6. 21st January 2017

OCA Thames Valley Group Meeting : 21st January 2017

Brief Notes:

First meeting of the year with a lot to discuss.

Further discussion on the Collaborative group project idea mooted by Teresa at our meeting last November. Encouragement and good advice from John who described his own experiences and suggested that it needs to be work that is important to you; the end goal should be clear (such as Exhibition, book, online Exhibition etc) and that it should be bound in time. Aspects covered included curation; the focus of the Project (e.g. Theme); emphasis that the project would be a voluntary one and to only include Thames Valley group members who attend meetings; should there be a competitive element; do we need a sub-group and/or co-ordinator and if there was an Exhibition we would need to provide good prints.

All of us present are interested in being involved and agreed there should be a sub-group and a co-ordinator and I volunteered to be in the sub-group. I have realised how little new photography I have created during the past few months and it’ll certainly be beneficial for me to get back to work with my camera. Teresa will be our co-ordinator and organise a meeting of the sub-group to discuss aims, content and timing of the Project and then feed this back to the whole Thames Valley group.

 There was further discussion around the kind of input we would like from our attending tutor who will be joining us again for the February meeting.

As ever it was good to see how work was progressing for everyone.  Due to my eye problem I had been gradually losing confidence and enthusiasm during last year but I was pleased to be able to say that it has returned during the past week or so since I had the cataract procedure done last December. Thankfully I’m almost at the stage of completing my Assignment 2.

One of the very positive aspects of this group is to get support and encouragement from other people and also to realise that I’m not the only one who gets dispirited at times.